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Care Coordinator for Home Care
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Bundle or Component Annual Sub
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Up to 3 CareGivers FREE FREE
Per CareGiver $4.95 $5.95
All Subscriptions include 1 Administrator Account, 2 Office User Accounts & Unlimited Clients
Additional Office users $4.95 $5.95

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The easy way to schedule appointments, securely record & collect notes, 
and coordinate activities

Why CareCoordinator?

  • Easy scheduling of Caregivers
  • Accomodate Client Needs and Update Schedules in real-time
  • Comprehensive Records of Care Provided
  • Centralized Communications portal


  • Easy scheduling of Caregivers
  • Accomodate Client Needs and Update Schedules in real-time
  • Recording of Visit Notes for comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Happier Clients!
Try it Free for 30 days

Standard Features and Benefits

Benefit to Caregivers Benefit to Patients/Clients Benefit to Agency
Daily, Weekly Schedule at a glance Caregiver arrives on time when Patient expects them Individual or Consolidated Schedule views
Care notes as part of Client Record Clients are not asked the same questions repeatedly.  Tasks are not omitted History of Notes provide evidence of activities.
Auto entry of new notes part of the normal scheduling process History provides better understanding of patient condition which results in better care. Office receives new patient notes in real time.  Better Care - Happier Clients
Auto tasks created from ADL/IADL reviews Better attention to the activities that the client requires Reminders can be added for office staff or Caregivers
Preset Care tasks make administration and checkoff easy at time of visit Thoroughness of care.  Nothing is missed. Care Tasks can be added to appointments from standard list, or custom entry
Secure Communications with Office Staff.  No email required. Private information remains private.  Never in any one's email. Secure Communications with Caregivers or Office
Time with Clients automatically recorded by system timer Invoices and Remittances will be more accurate. Appointment durations calculated automatically
Can use with Laptop, iPAD, or Chromebook. Use on any office desktop computer, or laptop Access is optional with any device that connects to internet
Try it Free for 30 days